Carol is an artist, author and physician. In 2010 she retired from the practice of medicine to pursue full time her keen interest in art and writing. As an artist, Carol paints both watercolors and acrylics and is inspired by vintage objects. “Nothing gives me greater pleasure than roaming the back roads and byways of South Dakota and western Minnesota looking for old rusty objects. Sometimes these gems are hidden amongst overgrown weeds in an abandoned farmyard or are sitting on a dusty shelf in a small town antique shop. When they evoke a strong emotional response from me, it is time to pick up a paintbrush and bring out their beauty once more.”

These inspirations have resulted in several series of watercolor paintings: Classic Tractors, Vintage Machinery, Antique Toys, Old Timey Folks, and Landscapes/Nature. One of Carol’s recent works, entitled Rusty Memories,depicts four old little red wagons. “I saw these wagons in the yard of an antique shop in Big Stone City and they made me feel sad and childishly delighted at the same time.”

Carol is a signature member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society and a member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. She has won numerous awards from the groups and from the Minnesota State Fair in 2007.

As author, Carol writes historical fiction for teens and young adults. Given her lifelong interest in the history of medicine, her books do have medical references. “Whether the heroine is delivering a baby in an 1886 farmhouse (Big Stone Heart) or is tending to gunshot wounds in a blacksmith’s cabin in 1883 (The Secret Society of Sugar and Spice) the dash of medicine adds a unique touch to all of my books.” Carol’s books are also on sale at the gallery.

Carol lives in Minnesota and South Dakota with her husband, Mike, and their dog, Lucy


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